Vegan Leben – New NABA products at famila and Markant

Delicious sauces and stews made by NABA are now available under the new brand “Vegan Leben” of the retail group Bartels Langness.

Since 2016 the brand with the green label has been presenting a varied and broad range of vegan food on the German market. It is a reaction of Bartels-Langness to an increasing demand for vegan products and offers vegans and vegetarians a huge range of delicious products. The NABA with many years’ experience in vegan food is glad to be a part of “Vegan Leben” and to produce parts of the range.

The following products of “Vegan Leben” are made by NABA:


  • - Vegane Asia Sauce süß sauer (vegan asia sauce sweet sour)
  • - Vegane Thai-Curry Sauce
  • - Veganer Kichererbsentopf (vegan chickpea stew)
  • - Vegane Gulaschsuppe (vegan goulash soup)
  • - Vegane Karotten-Ingwersuppe (vegan carrot ginger soup)
  • - Vegane Mitternachtssuppe (vegan vegetable soup)
  • - Veganer Linseneintopf (vegan lentil stew)
  • - Veganes Chili sin Carne
  • - Veganes Mango Chutney
  • - Veganes Würzwunder (vegan liquid seasoning)


The range of “Vegan Leben” is now available from famila, Markant and online at Öffnet externen Link in neuem

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