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Product development

Searching for that little difference

Each one of our products once started as a good idea. As one of the largest organic external brand manufacturers, we know the market and are able to assess new potential correctly. As creative and innovative perfectionists, we know that the success of new products is frequently based on one perfect ingredient. Which we find - both for our own creations and yours, the customer’s. Do you already have some definite ideas? Our team can convert those into marketable organic delicatessen products.



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Following the preparation of an exact briefing, the development department initially puts the product idea into practice on a smaller scale. Apart from flavouring aspects, we also consider any special requirements to ingredients such as Fair Trade, sugar-free or vegetarian, as well as shelf life. The customer receives a sample for approval, followed by test production under original conditions. We only give the go-ahead for the recipe’s manufacture once this production sample is also approved.

For every ready-made item, we first check to see whether all valid food regulatory requirements have been met. We also create product specifications.