Raw materials

Uncompromising quality

We have been manufacturing with organic foods since 1991, because we know that the best result is only achieved with the best ingredients. This is also the reason why the selection of high-quality raw materials is so important to us, whereby we place great value on long-term supplier relations in order to ensure that we are supported by reliable partners.

Lieferant Bio-zertifizierte Landwirtschaft

We exclusively source our raw materials from organically certified suppliers and stringently ensure that the requirements of external standards and regulations are met. This naturally includes regular supplier audits, during which we personally ensure that everything is in order on site. Raw material quality is also regularly inspected on the basis of a test plan.

Our own requirements with respect to quality and flavour also play a large role during the search for and the selection of raw materials: our purchasing, product development and quality assurance departments continuously check whether a raw material is suitable for certain processing in the first place. For example, this includes testing whether lentils or pasta are still al dente and tasty after the sterilisation process.