• Header der NABA Feinkost GmbH

    For the love of variety

    Our creativity, flexibility and extensive experience make us one of the leading manufacturers of processed organic foodstuffs.

  • Produktentwicklung pastöser Feinkost

    Successful recipes for successful products

    Our Product Development shapes trends and finds a solution for every idea.

  • Bio-Lebensmittel Herstellung

    We pull out all the stops

    Our production processes impress with state-of-the-art technology and excellent quality assurance.

Our product range

  • Goji Superfood Aufstrich

    Quinoa, Goji, Hemp and Lupine

    Quinoa, Goji berries and the like are on everyone’s lips, and not only literally. We have turned them into delicious spreads as our latest creations. Spread on bread or eaten pure with a spoon, they are healthy enjoyment. Access our new range here.

  • Reichenhof Eintöpfe Produkt Sortiment

    Vegan and vegetarian dishes for fast-food cuisine

    No time or energy to cook a meal? Our healthy and varied soups, stews and ready-made meals can help you out.  Access our range for a versatile and large range of vegetarian and vegan meals.

Modern, flexible, efficient

State-of-the-art technology and extensive production know-how facilitate the production of a large and versatile product portfolio, whereby we distinguish ourselves by first-class quality, flexible volumes and above-average adherence to delivery dates.

Reichenhof Eintöpfe Bio-Produktion in Gierstädt
Eigentümer der NABA Feinkost GmbH

“As the owners of NABA, we want to be proud of every product leaving our premises. Expe-rience has shown: real quality demands real personal commitment - from us and our employees. This high commitment is not only reflected in the quality of our products but also in the way we interact with customers and colleagues.”


Bernhard v. Reiche und Benedikt Billig, Eigentümer und Geschäftsführer der NABA