Our values

Mission Statement

We are a growing company with ambitious goals and a clear idea of how we wish to achieve these objectives. The decisive factors are our love for variety, our creativity and long-term experience.

NABA Feinkost Unternehmenswerte nachhaltige Produktion

Organic for the love of variety

We at NABA believe that some things are very simple. Our decision to go organic, for example. We are convinced that 100% organic quality and organic freshness without genetic engineering and superfluous additives also mean 100% enjoyment. And it certainly means a product we are able to back 100%. Not only because it is tasty and healthy, but also because the nature of our production contributes to the conservation of resources and maintains the unique variety of nature. Our love for variety is also reflected in our comprehensive and diverse product range, as well as in the diverseness and versatility of our employees.

Flexibility and creativity

Tastes differ and no one customer is like the other. However, we are resourceful and flexible enough to keep everyone happy. As creative and innovative perfectionists, we find a solution for every product idea and are able to immediately recognise successful recipes. This also applies to production, where we pull out all the stops to ensure that everyone gets exactly what they need: from large production batches via special orders all the way to individual ranges and customer-specific availability.

Bio Convenience Produkte im Lager

Reliability and experience

One important ingredient for our successful recipes is loyalty. NABA is an owner-controlled, mid-sized company with tradition and loyal employees. Some of our employees have already been working with us for more than 30 years - and we even stay in the family as employers for some. This is why we at NABA possess a wealth of experience in product development, manufacturing and packaging. We are therefore able to optimally support our customers and to guarantee reliable order processing with extraordinarily high adherence to delivery dates.